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Reducing LOOP connection errors from Davis Console


For all those of us who are running weewx on Davis Vantage consoles using the serial data logger...

The Vantage consoles come with a telco cable to connect the data logger to the PC.  This is cheap quick way to do this, but suffers from noise problems, as the telco cable is not shielded, nor are the wires twisted like in Cat5.

I found a way to reduce the amount of LOOP connection errors to my Davis Advantage VUE Console reported from weewx software running on my PC.  Replaced the included telco interface cable between the console and PC with a shielded serial cable.  This reduced the run length of the telco cable by just a few inches.  Just long enough to plug into console data logger pigtail and the supplied RJ4 to DB9 adapter. 

The weewx software handles these LOOP connection errors really well, but wanted to reduce them just the same.



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