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Stubborn condominium association

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I recently bought my first home (yay!) in a very nice condominium complex across town from where I was living.  Installing my Davis VP2 never crossed my mind... until I was handed the very strict list of association rules.  After some bargaining, I was able to convince them to let me mount the ISS on my back porch (not a great spot, but better than nothing), however they will not let me mount the anemometer anywhere.

Anyone else out there run into a stubborn condo board?  They hardly allow TV antennas or satellite dishes; they say they only allow them because federal law requires it, and they do not allow any roof mounts (everyone must use their porch or balcony and some creative geometry).

Any suggestions?  They are open to reconsideration if I can come up with a location that is out-of-sight, and not a common area. :?


Any place that is out of sight is most likely going to be completely unsuitable for an anemometer.

Have you tried the "I'm going to publish the data on the internet and make it free for all members of the association" approach? Andmaybe offer a "free" sponsorship for the complex as well.

There are a couple of options (none of them great in my opinion).  You might be able to get away with a smaller unit somewhere like:

or perhaps a hot wire unit like these:


They cost a fortune and are not integrated, but some do have a PC interface and they don't look like a "wind gauge"

Maybe trying to convince them of the BENEFITS your hobby will have to THEM and the entire complex.

    1.) Having a weather station within the community will serve the general population with timely early weather warnings and advisories.

    2.) Protection of life and property.

    3.) Just knowing what the LOCAL weather is at any given moment without having to wait for the local weather broadcast.

Answer the question "What's in it for us?" with good facts and background information, and let them know that you know your "stuff".[/u]

At least they are one of the few associations that understand that FCC/federal regulations trump any rules they have about antennas and dishes (well, almost any rules)... lotsa threads about this in the home theater forums...

Good luck...


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