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Not really a software question, but very Mac oriented none the less:

Giving the lack of DIY loggers for the most recent Vantage Stations, I am considering my options:

Weatherlink IP or Weatherlink USB Mac?

I can come up with one reason to go for the WLIP, it would allow for a (much) longer cable, so the console could stay downstairs and I could run a cable to my upstairs office to connect it to my router. But than again the price difference of more than 100 euro would almost allow me to get an extra console and hook that up to my iMac with a USB cable...

Any thoughts?

PS Are there any differences between the Windows and the Mac version of the USB logger other than the supplied software (which i'm not going to use)

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Weather Display, WeatherCat, WeatherSnoop, and wview all support Davis serial, USB, and IP loggers.

I've been using the WeatherLink USB for Mac logger since installing my system September 2011, and have had no problems. I only tried WeatherSnoop and Weather Display for a short time, but WeatherCat (and its predecessor LWC) has been running 24/7 just fine.

I don't know if there is a physical difference between the Mac and Windows USB logger. I've read where you can convert one to the other, but I've also read you don't have to. I do know that two people on the old LWC forum tried DIY loggers and had intermittent and mixed success, and I think both ended up getting Davis loggers.


Weather Display:
WD MAC does support the IP data logger
the latest WD Mac is getting great feedback
(low cpu use, stable memory use, etc)

Thanks Brian! I've updated my post above to reflect your comment.


Given the present lack of a DIY "green-dot" cable, combined with my total lack of patience in these matters. I have decided to go for an overpriced original Davis USB datalogger/cable for the Mac. It works great with WeatherCat, and supposedly also with Weater Display and others, but I haven't tried that myself yet.

The provided Davis "software" is horrendous, they make great hardware, but remind me of Garmin on the software front. Eventually even Garmin made it to the 21st century after plaguing (Mac) users for years with vaporware. So maybe there is hope for Davis to get their act together on software too... (not sure though, :grin:)

Thanks your input.


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