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Removed old outdated post with all new information below:

I tried to move all template / scripts to one location

Leuven-Template Download and support at support => template
Current version Template: 2.8x is fully PHP7.2 - UTF-8  HTML-5  HTTPS compliant


All scripts  Download, Demo  and support at support => scripts

Forecast scripts version 4 usable in all regions
* WXSIM plaintext.txt / lastret.txt /latest.csv
* Met.no
* Yr.no
* WU
* Yahoo
* DarkskyFor  Canada 1 script  using Environment Canada data.
For the USA 2 different scripts using NOAA/NWS data for a "Map-Click"  type and 1 using SOAP data.
Other forecast scripts  for UV and for HWA,  a local Dutch provider.

AirQuality scripts for PurpleAir sensor and Luftdaten sensor  both in two different versions

WeatherAlarm for Europe / Meteoalarm

WeatherUnderground stations-data is used for a "ColoredTables" type script and for another clone of the  "WU-History" script.

All scripts are usable stand-alone and in the Saratoga Template directly form the download.
And most of them are also included in the Leuven-Template.


I will not post individual links as they tend to change (my fault) to much.
So visit the scripts support or template support page and you will find all links there.

Wim van der Kuil

P.S. Now I have to scan all post to find other old links.

Very well done Wim.  I have scanned the documentation and seems overwhelming.  How easy difficult is it to use the template in North America?  By the way I was born and lived until age 10 near Heist op den Berg so know about the chocolates (periodically our lunch for school consisted of a chocolate bar sandwich).


Well, units of measurement C-F and so on  no problem. 
You can test that using the personalize menu choice when loking at a demo site.

My english is no problem either because there is a langlookup from internal text (in my english) to decent english.
Although you have to iron out the language errors for yourself and future users by changing the language file for that.

The nasty diffferences are in meteowarnings  and those things.
I looked at different sites and although it does not looks overwhelming, some precise work has to be done to find the correct sources for USA and or Canada information.
I can do that if supplied with examples how it should look as compared to other sites.

Have a nice sunday, Wim

Hi Wim,
I tried the easy YrNo stand-alone download first but have a couple of errors
edited url: http://www.komokaweather.com/wsMetNoSA/metnoFullPage.php

The test
1) I edited the $SITE for my location, name and website
2) entered my 'lat.' and 'long.'
3) changed local time from 'Europe/Brussels' to 'America/Toronto'
4) changed 'nl' to 'en' for default language

As you can see from the above link it shows an error but I have not made any change at all in 'metnoGeneralHtmp.php'
and the 'Updated" date is incorrect

Any suggestion where/how to correct the settings?


Good news is that the error has disappeared.  The update time is still incorrect.



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