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SteelSeries Gauges are now available for Trixology's WeatherCat


A big thanks to Mark Crossley, Ken True, and especially  Col "Uncle Buck" over in the WeatherCat forum for getting the ball rolling.

SteelSeries Gauges are available on the SandySoft web site here:
And the FAQ from the site is here:

The WeatherCat wiki page for installation details is here:
Development discussion on the WeatherCat forum:

I've added the SteelSeries Gauges as a separate page on my web site (click Live Gauges in the menu bar) I've added my own header and footer, but the rest of the page is the default gauge layout. I will probably include a few of the gauges on my home page, replacing the static gauges.

Thanks gang! This is a nice addition to WeatherCat's bag of tricks.


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