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Aardvark-that is your personal station, not your school station- Correct?

yes, my station.   That was understood. 
Globe is a international project that submits all sorts of data from weather to contrails counting.  For example, did you know that there are over 5,000 planes in the air at sometime (sum total, not all at the same time).  These high altitude planes produce contrails, artificial clouds  which do reflect sunlight back out into space.  SO... the do have such a program.

It is to accumulate data and make it available to researchers around the world including kids  doing high end scientific projects.

I went through the training and although I am listed as a school, they know I am not.

IF  the person interested is looking for a "glory site", some place to post their data then this isn't the place.  It is a scientific and percise procedure.  The data has to be accurate.  checks it for accuracy and will send it back if something is wrong.

As suggested by mulitple posts... I suggest that person contact  and ask away.

FWIW, I inquired about GLOBE back in May.

First of all, it took from inquiry on 12 April until 24 May to get the first response from them, a form email that they were forwarding my inquiry to the right person.

Then, I got this reply...

--- Quote ---Thank you for contacting us in regards to providing us weather data being collected via your service.  Your service does sound like an easy way for people to get there Davis weather instrument data on line.  At this time we do not have an API that allows for uploading of data to us other than via email.  However, if you have the ability of us pulling the data via an XML feed we could then ingest it into our database.

There is another requirement.  The only weather data we will ingest will be from a school that is what we call a "GLOBE school".  This is a school that has a teacher that was trained in the science protocols of GLOBE.  The school/teacher that intends on disseminating their weather station data to you will also know if they are a GLOBE school.  We will need to know the name of that school, the atmospheric site name/id they set up through us, and the URL to XML feed you provide in order to ingest the data.  The data should also be in metric units.

To get a rough idea of the elements we ingest please browse our email data entry instructions and note the section on Davis Instruments.  This way you can be sure your XML feed provides at least this data.

I suggest contacting the person back that said they would like to have you upload their schools weather data to GLOBE and have them contact us too so we can get their school name and atmospheric site information.
--- End quote ---

So, it appears that you need to be associated with a school to submit data...


--- Quote from: SLOweather on August 27, 2012, 10:55:30 AM ---So, it appears that you need to be associated with a school to submit data...

--- End quote ---

That is pretty much the impression I got when I looked into Globe sometime ago.

and right now, that is what Iam.   I teach Physics and Earth Science.


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