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Has anyone converted or priced Rainwise on converting a Mk III to a LR?


I have a nice Mark III regular station that does not have the rain gauge mounted on the whole unit, but does have the adjustable solar collector.  I really would like the improvement of the guts of the transmitter and transmission times from the update, etc.  The wind head, the solar collector, the mounting box, battery, etc. seem identical to both the regular and LR models. 

I wonder if a guy could swap the boards and antenna out for an LR at a reduced cost?

Just curious if anyone HAS done this, or if they've ever called Rainwise to ask about price?

Thanks for the comments and this wonderful board I've just discovered!


Texas Weather WRL-32, Peet Bros Ultimeter 2100, Davis Vantage Pro, Rainwise MkIII, and a bunch of stuff brewing.

Dale:  I'm not sure about swapping out motherboards, but I did talk to Rainwise about converting my present displays (Oracle and the Multi) and I believe they said they could be converted for about $100 each.

Thanks, I will try to call them this next week.  The weather will improve soon and I would like to be able to place the system when it becomes nice enough to do so.  I did a chip swap on a multi last year for about $40 or so if I remember right.  It was super easy to do and was on the air getting the LR signal in almost no time.  I understand that the computer interface box is more expensive to update.


Feelgood Ranch:
VaJim is correct...socketed chip swap for Oracle and Multidisplay is $100.00/display.  Call Lonnie White @ RainWise for station conversion cost.

Ken Keyes

Thanks, I think I've talked with Lonnie in the past and will try to connect this week.  Weather's coming!


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