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I'm working on a PHP script that takes the NHC (National Hurricane Center) RSS feed and parses it for presentation on your web page. This script is specfic to the NHC feed. It does a couple of things that other RSS feed parsers don't with regard to these specific feeds:

1) Breaks out and sections individual storms.
2) Creates a header for each individual storm.

You can see it working here:


The script outputs each storms set of links as an unordered list (<ul>) and the output is XHTML 1.0 strict compliant.

The script utilizes a really lightweight and well written feed parser called lastRSS. For info on lastRSS you can visit the website at:

One of the nice things about lastRSS is that it includes caching. I still need to do some testing on the caching and write up some documentation before I make this script publicly available but I should have it ready tomorrow.

Obviously this is going to be of primary interest to those of us in hurricane prone areas.

Might not have this ready tomorrow after all. Looks like we're now in the 3-day cone of uncertainty for Ernesto. Going to get the shutters in place tomorrow and start making preps.

That's looks great on your page!  Offering the summarization by storm is a great idea.  Thanks for the reference to the lastRSS PHP class.. I picked up a copy of it too.  

Keep up your prep for Ernesto and I hope it doesn't strike you!!


Best regards,

lastRSS is pretty nice. I finished up the cache testing last night, but I discovered a problem this morning because of an assumption I made that there would always be 5 link listings for each storm. This morning there is are 6 for Ernesto including an "Update". I'll have to do a little rethinking on how to handle that.

That update was weird because it came out at 5:05. They must have been waiting for recon data. At any rate that's pretty cool. Might have to put that one in the web site.


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