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Wunderground Rapid Fire and Weather-display from Aculink

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I am working on a interface to provide rapid fire updates and data to weather-display from the web bridge.  Initial testing is going good.  If anyone would like to help me test let me know. 
   The biggest challenge in setting this up is getting the data from the bridge.  I have found three options to accomplish this.

Option 1 - Get a Hub
   This is the recommended option.  If you have a network hub you can sniff the packets from the bridge into the program.  Most network devices sold today are switches which prevent this from happening.  Amazon has a few used hubs for as little as $6.

Option 2 - Make a cable
   You can make a cable that takes the signals from the web bridge and splits them to your network switch and your computer.  This method requires a dedicated NIC on your PC.  Basically you would need to cut the orange / orange white pair coming from the bridge and splice in another cable's green / green white pair.  The green wire goes to your PC.  I used this method before I went to option 3.

Option 3 - tcpdump on your router
    If you have a router capable of running tcpdump you can use it to send data to the program.  I use this method currently with open source tomato firmware.  The setup is a bit different for this so if you are interested let me know.

Good luck with the project.  I don't use Weather Display.  I'm a Beta test site for Acu-Link but I can't take on any more projects.

This is another reason why I love these forums, American ingenuity :-)

Weather Display:
I think the word weather-display was used as that, to display the weather from the aculink in some way

Weather-display refers to weather-display software.


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