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Wunderground uploads with the 01050C

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Saw the manual for the Acu-Link program posted online today. Noticed that the Weather Underground uploads are in there, but did not see where you can set an interval for upload, or a Rapid Fire mode. Will there be a set interval for Weather Underground uploads?  Thanks.

I just created a new station for the Acu-Rite 1050 Acu-Link on Wunderground.  There were no options in the set up window, just bridge name, sensor type, station ID, & WU password.

My Acu-Link Wunderground site is updated every 15 minutes.

Unless we are able to ftp to our own website using tags or something (i.e. supported by VWS or Weather Display), I'd like to see a more frequent update.

How do I register a AcuRite 01050 with Wunderground.  I have a station ID "KNJBLAIR5" but its inactive.  When I edit it, I don't see a way to associate this station ID with my bridge ID (do I enter the bridges' MAC address; the 6 pairs of 2-hex-characters)?


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