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Will the new 01050C be supported by VWS?

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I'm very excited about the new Acurite 01050C weather centers with internet bridge. I understand that they will upload to Weather Underground? What other sites will there be uploads to? And will you be able to upload data to your own web sites through web tags, etc? Is there plans for Virtual Weather Station and Weather Display to support this station?

As far as VWS is concerned, you will need to contact the author directly about this.

That's the $64,000 question.
Think it's been asked if VWS and WD will support the new AcuRite stuff coming out.  :-)

We have been in contact with several 3rd party developers and the ball is rolling- I'm personally not sure of any dates right now though.

I'm sure that Brian will add this to Weather Display as soon as possible.  He's expressed an interest and this is the kind of thing he just loves to do.

- Jim


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