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Jim Shaffer:
Other than the design of the display console, is there any difference between those three models?

Will all three work with the internet bridge?

Finally, will the internet software allow graphing of all monitored variables, no matter what console is used?  I'm looking for a station to replace a failing Davis and don't want to pay that kind of price again, but I'm disappointed that the Acurite stations that include a rain gauge don't include a console graph for anything other than barometric pressure.  I thought about buying a separate weather station and rain gauge, but it seems rather foolish to have two consoles, not to mention two sets of batteries to maintain.

Hey there- let me try and answer the call here..

All 3 units feature the same 5-in-1 sensor with internal solar powered fan aspiration standard.

The 1015 and the 1500 are mostly the same, only aesthetic differences for the most part. The 1500 has cpacitive touch operation buttons, the 01015 has standard operation buttons. Both feature the weather ticker scrolling text display, which delivers all kinds of extra and relevant weather records and current data- lots! Both also feature a backlight, today and all time records with time stamp, customizeable alarms, AC powered and/or battery power/backup.

The 01010 has all of the same current data, but is a slightly less expensive unit, so it has no weather ticker display, no backlight, no AC power option-battery power only.

You are correct that none of the displays give any rainfall charting, Rainfall data consists of Event (most current rainfall event total), Month total, and all time total. On the weather ticker, other rainfall info is given, such as "days since last rainfall" weekly rainfall total, current rainfall rate, etc.

The great thing about the bridge is that it is completely independent from the displays- our sensors connect directly to the bridge (and also trnasmit to the display at the same time if you wish). THrough the web portal site you can chart the rain and display and save out actual graphs, and you can publish your sensor data through wunderground. We are in talks with several other weather software sources as well. The app then allows you to monitor conditions remotely as well. You can set and receive email/text alerts for Wind, Temp, Humidity, Rain, Pressure as well. ANy changes you make on the app or web portal are reflected "globally" in the other. Mostr of our other sensor will also connect to the bridge- I have a floating pool/spa therm, a 5-in-1 sensor, a 3-in-1 sensor, and a few basic temperature/humidity sensors throughout my house and property- including the fridge to make sure my beer is always the right temperature of course!

I hope I was able to answer your questions, let me know if you have any more. I sure enjoy havinbg the 01500 display at home, and the internet bridge gives me allot of options and flexibility- I have had almost as much fun developing it as I have had using it every day for the last few months (alpha, beta test;-)

Jim Shaffer:
Thanks, that was helpful.

When I wrote about the units with rain gauges not having a graph, I wasn't so much concerned with graphing the rain; my main interest in a graph is for the temperatures.  I meant that I found it odd that the simpler units had flexible graphing options and then the more complex units lacked them. 

It sounds like the internet bridge would allow me to do what I want to do.  How does that work with multiple temperature/humidity sensors though?  How many can you have?  I briefly looked at the manuals for the 5-in-1 units and I see that they have "A", "B", and "C" channel settings, yet you mention having a lot more sensors than that. 

Is it really that flexible as to what sensors you can have reporting?  I could even see myself skipping a 5-in-1 unit and just going with a rain gauge and several temp/hum sensors if that's possible -- I have a terrible location for mounting an anemometer, I never get meaningful readings from one and really have no need to have one.  Although, I wouldn't mind having a barometer online, so I might have to get one of the units with a console after all.

Each wireless sensor broadcasts a unique ID with it's data, so each sensor will show up on the bridge separately- it's really quite intuitive as long as you bring each different sensor online one at a time (so you can name them- porch, or basement, or southeast yard, etc.), they are all named "Tower Sensor" or "Rain Gauge" by default, so if you do not custom name them and you have multiple sensors, you may not know what you are looking at.

The ABC switch is only for Hardware displays, allows you to connect to your sensor and not your neighbor's, that type of deal. I have 11 different sensor all reporting to my bridge at my house, and at the office here- we have upwards of 30 sensors reporting to the office bridge. The bridge actually allows you to simply ignore any sensors that are not yours, either at the bridge level through hardware, or visually ignore through the web portal and smartphone app. It's really pretty flexible, because we know that folks have specific reasons for wanting to see the information that is most important for them.

As far as the barometer goes, each web bridge has a barometer built in, displayed in the web portal and app, also used for the included patented forecasting algorithm. So, you can see your barometer online or on the smartphone app right out of the box! So a console is not totally necessary with this system, although I personally like having one around the house for convenience- and my Wife loves them for helping to dress the kids and take care of the garden.

let me know if you have any more questions or comments- we want this to be a great product, feedback from enthusiasts can help us achieve that goal, it's all about the user!


I have been called a "fan-boy" of other OEM products for sharing my experiences with Acu-Rite branded products, but I could possibly drive some purchases by my technophobic relatives who are intrigued by my PWS setup, yet not as obsessed as myself about data quality.  I speak specifically of the Acu-Rite 01050C package with internet-bridge and mybackyardweather.

Do you know of a specific WU ID that is getting it's data from an AcuRite 01050C through your internet-bridge?  I would like to check it out.  That could potentially meet all the needs of my relatives who would still like to see charts, graphs and history from their PWS, but have zero experience (or desire) to configure advanced software, and don't leave a PC on 24/7.  The options to do that on WU (with uploaded data from multiple OEM) would fit that bill.  I would just like to see an example from your internet-bridge.  That would demonstrate an incredible amount of flexibility of the product.

Also, the mybackyardweather webpage says it "regularly" uploads to WU (when configured).  How regular is "regularly?"  And how often is the data updated from the 01050 to the mybackyardweather server?

Thanks in advance!


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