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Acurite 8" Digital Weather Center (02010) support My Backyard Weather?


Hello everyone...

I am new to this forum but I joined because I am interested in the Acurite products, I found this forum with a Google search and because I noticed that someone from Acurite (Rhino) actually participates and responds to members questions and comments. So here goes...

The Costco near me (in Canada) is selling what appears to be the "Acurite 8" Digital Weather Center with Forecast / Temperature / Humidity and Outdoor Sensor 02010 (723970)" for $27.99.

*Updated Post*

Will this sensor be able to report to the "Acu-link Internet Bridge" that is coming out in October?

Thanks, Shane  :-)

Last I heard was that the Acu-Rite Bridge and related station/equipment would be available for sale sometimes in October.

Their website shows October also...

Thanks Gulfcoast...  

I bought this weather station and set it up today... works great.

Looking forward to the Acu-Link Internet Bridge and online features.


Hi Shane,

Glad you like the 02010, costco canada loves em too- i believe they sold out already and want more \:D/

It's a nice home weather station, i'm perticularly proud of the lcd design-I really like how the multi-history graph turned out. The forecasting is pretty slick too, has some new math and methodology in it.

Yes- that sensor will report to the aculink bridge. Keep checking in on wxforums, i will have more info when these units are avaiable for sale.

In the mean time, let me know if you have any other questions-thanks!


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