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Scripts section of saratoga-weather.org re-org & updates


The former one loonnnggg page of scripts has been modularized (and made easier for me to keep up :-)


Updates were made to:

WRH Forecast script - added Tom's changes for cache updating and code to make it easier to include in your pages.

NOAA-style climate reports display - added code to make it easier to include on your pages.  Supports both WeatherLink and VWS NOAA reports.

Added a page with dynamic image resize programs for NexStorm, WASP2 and NOAA Image of the Day -- each program has cacheing.

Added the 'test your host to see if PHP is enabled' page and directions.

I'll be adding my version of AJAX-enabled Weather-Display clientraw.txt pages shortly ..

Comments and feedback are always welcome, and let me know if you find a broken link.


The AJAX/WD scripts page is now up at http://saratoga-weather.org/scripts-WD-AJAX.php and includes a brief explanation of how it works and a sample set of files in the .zip to play with.

It's based on my current-ajax.php that's used throughout my site to provide a current conditions sidebar.

It has rising/falling arrow graphics (both PHP and JavaScript) and wind direction arrows (both PHP and JavaScript), along with a decoder ring for UV conditions with the color code for the conditions displayed.

My special thanks goes to pinto and carterlake for their pioneering work on AJAX and WD for current conditions displays -- without them, this sample set wouldn't have been possible.

Please note that the samples are PHP-dependent .. to use AJAX with html-only sites, you'll need to use the templates provided by carterlake or windy (Brian).

Best regards,


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