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Just downloaded the most recent version of WD. It tells me when I run it that my trial has expired???? Any idea(s) what might be happening. I'm considering running WD along with VWS. I like some of the reports that are created by WD the VWS doesn't do. I was planning on running WD in stationless mode. What csv file(s) need to be imported? Or would it be better to run WD along with VWS on the same computer? I realize this would require a comport sharing program. I have a OS WMR-968 station. Any help would be appreciated.

If you have had it installed on your computer before, yeah, it will show as expired now.
It's only a one time deal.  ;)


Got the first problem taken care of. Now on to my other questions. What file or files (csv) do I need to inport into WD. Right now I have it reading a VWS data csv file. Can you import any or all of the database files from VWS?

As I said. I have WD pointing to the csv file(s) created by VWS. Note, WD is not on the same computer is VWS. I have WD reading the data.csv file that is in the vws\data dir. It's displaying the temp & dumidity correctly. Baro with in .01 rain is not being shown at all. I have tried the data 2 & dbase with the same results. Have even tried the daily file in vws\data\csv with the same results. Is there a port sharing program that will work across a network or does VWS and WD need to be on the same computer with a port sharing program?

Just curious, why import data from one program to another.
Does VWS produce something that WD can't?


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