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Re: WeatherLink Console 6313 has arrived!
« Reply #575 on: May 12, 2024, 05:10:11 PM »
TBH I'm not sure whether those few words in the bottom ticker of the main screen  are meant to be a forecast (for today/next 12 hours maybe???) or a summary of current conditions. Perhaps someone has spotted an explanation somewhere in the Davis documentation? But whatever it is, I do think this is something different from the main numerical forecast on the summary/forecast page. Maybe the two things are not even derived from the same data source and need to be scored differently for accuracy?

For many locations, it may be difficult to impossible to translate the numerical forecast into just 2 or 3 words, especially if no timing can be included and they might be better off not even trying.

There's also the factor that it's maybe too much to ask to expect a single forecast supplier to make an optimum forecast for any worldwide location. Perhaps the national forecaster is going be the best option, eg a European one for Europe and a US-based one for the US, and so on.

Also think it's a shame in many ways that the API for the 6313 can't be opened up more to 3rd party software houses (with some appropriate security measures of course). For example, for the forecast, it really would have been interesting to be able to use WXSIM customisation as the forecast source, though I'm not sure how good even WXSIM is at forecasting sky conditions?

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Re: WeatherLink Console 6313 has arrived!
« Reply #576 on: May 12, 2024, 05:15:05 PM »
The ticker shows exactly what the Android app says, and the weatherlink dashboard.

It's supposed to be getting the conditions from Bournemouth airport, but it doesn't match up at all. All the time it was showing overcast, the METAR was showing clear.

It's a complete shit-show when pretty much all of the UK was basking in sunshine, for it to say it's overcast

And to make the excuse of saying it's eye candy, or the user should look elsewhere to get the outlook is nonsense. The device has internet connectivity to get data, not like the VP2 (although that is more accurate) but as I said, if it's supposed to be getting the data from Bournemouth airport as my nearest official site, then something is wrong, because it doesn't tally up.

This device is so plagued with bugs that have been there from day one. What get's my goat is that people try and defend Davis and this product. They seriously do not have a clue when it comes to fixing bugs. The fact that I have reported the same bug over and over and the reply I get is "That was supposed to be fixed.." speaks volumes about the competence of Davis.
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Re: WeatherLink Console 6313 has arrived!
« Reply #577 on: May 12, 2024, 08:47:55 PM »
When I pay hundreds of pounds for something, I want it to work correctly. Besides all of the other issues with this console, getting the correct forecast via a GOOD weather provider isn't much to ask?

Did you know, before you purchased it, that it was going to provide a forecast?  Was the forecast a major factor in your decision to purchase the item?  Was it a minor factor?

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Re: WeatherLink Console 6313 has arrived!
« Reply #578 on: Yesterday at 10:44:01 AM »
I'm happy with my WLL, glad i didnt waste the money on the WLC.
Regards Simon
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