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Siting VP2 on dock / boat lift ?

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I'm trying to determine best options for placement of a VP2 on the end of our dock.  My preferred placement is on the upright for the lift canopy. How high above the canopy (medium blue Sunbrella canvas) would the rain/temp portion need to be? How high for the anemometer (or how low can I reasonably get by with give it'd be at least 150' from anything other than the lift)?

2nd option would be to try to extend one of the dock supports up higher but stability could be an issue and my wife isn't thrilled about it being there vs part of the lift structure.

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The canopy support location will be the most turbulent due to the proximity to the canopy.  The pier support location will still get turbulence from the canopy. 

On the opposite side where the flags are would be better.  Or, back halfway(?) out the walkway where whatever structure that is is located would possibly be the best.

33' is the standard recommended height for the anemometer.

Sometimes you have to compromise. 

there is no perfect place for most PWS owners

Thanks. Yeah, I think her words were something like "you're planning to ruin my dock with a what? Why?" :-) 

For her - the less obtrusive the better. I think for good measurement - the more obtrusive the better.  Ummmm...

With mounting on the lift - what measurements will be impacted, how much, for how high?  If the ISS is 1' above the canopy vs 2' above? If the anemometer is 4' above vs 12' above? E.G., how important is each foot higher for each?


So is this dock (pontoon by the looks?) floating? If so then that's not good. The access walkway appears fixed on posts? Yes/No?


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