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Confused what to buy. Want inbuilt webserver hackable


Hi with so many variations, models/clones, and mods by people, am confused what to buy. Here is my criteria

Solar (sensors run from battery)  Receiver on  mains power next to my internet router indoors.
want  the usual sensors windspeed etc but include UVA/B 
(I noticed PM2.5 sensors selling for Misol units - that would be a plus)

Important, though Weather Underground is a great service, prefer to have my own webserver serve the data direct  to a webpage.
So a hacked linux based unit with a customised web view/template ideal.

Would love to interface some of the new arduino type sensors for C02, carbon monoxide and other air pollution sensors.

A geiger counter counting background radiation another plus.

Is the above a tall order for the off the shelf weather stations? Do I need to learn to use a Raspberry Pi and program/build from scratch??   If so Can anyone recommend a recent circuit/web based project??


Not a tall order at all....

You can get all of that from Ecowitt (The Misol branded unit you mentioned is just a 3rd party branded Ecowitt/Fine Offset sensor)
Check out the Ecowitt website at and also the Ambient/Ecowitt forum on this site

You can get a HP2551 console or go headless with a GW1000 and any combination of sensors to your hearts desire!
These both can upload to the usual internet weather sites including Ecowitt own excellent Internet service. As a bonus you can also send to a custom server location which would suite if you have a linux database running somewhere.

If thats challenging then yes you can go the RaspPi route (many free weather software database solutions exist) and some of these offer a full Pi/Software image so there would be a minimum of understanding needed (CumulusMX etc).
Plenty of help available on these forums if you dont understand or want more pointers!


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