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Thoughts/advice on my first PWS?


Hi all,

I'm new to this forum, but I have been around reading stuff since a few days. Since I moved to my new house with a garden, I decided to start with my first weather station as a hobby.

After some reading, I was hesitating between Davis or Ecowitt, but I'll go for the latter, mainly because of the price and the amount of sensors that are available.

I'm currently asking a quote at Ecowitt for the following:

HP2553 package, which consists of:
- HP2551 console
- WH32B indoor temperature-humidity-pressure sensor (primary indoor)
- WS80 ultrasonic wind (6-in-1) sensor
- WH5360B rain gauge (with BS0002 bird spikes kit)
and in addition some other stuff:
- GW1000 gateway
- WH32 outdoor temperature-humidity sensor (primary outdoor) (with RS00001 radiation shield)
- WH57 lightning sensor (outdoor) (with RS00001 radiation shield)
- WH41 PM2.5 air quality sensor (outdoor)
- WH45 CO2 PM2.5 PM10 (5-in-1) air quality sensor (indoor)
- WH51 soil moisture sensor (2 pieces)

All above on frequency 868M (Belgium, Europe).

I plan to buy a Raspberry Pi 4 for acquisition and logging of my personal data via the GW1000 gateway and visualisation in an Android app (not sure yet which software I'll use for all that).
I'll use the console for immediate display of my data.
Not sure yet if I should use the GW1000 and/or the console for upload to online weather platforms.

I have no specific question, I'm just curious about your thoughts, advice and tips! Feel free to reply!  :grin:

Good choice!

If you go that route from Ecowitt on 868Mhz you will always be able to add sensors/spare parts from Froggit as an option if you are in a hurry!
As I see you are adding a WH32 outdoor sensor, I would recommend that you look to also purchase a Davis or Barani Meteoshield or Ambient Weather SRS100LX  as your outside radiation shield etc
Unfortunately these are not cheap, but they will significantly outperform the RS-0001
You might find you are better using the WS-80 inbuilt sensor and radiation screen until you can afford or get a 'proper' radiation screen to house the WH32, although no harm in experimenting with it in your environment as obviously where you locate the WS-80 may make the decision for you!

Thanks Mandrake for your reply.
I couldn't find shipment of the Ambient SRS100LX to Belgium and the Barani is too expensive for me, so I'm thinking of buying the Davis 7714 radiation shield.
If I understand well for what I read on this forum, the WH32 sensor fits without modifications in this Davis radiation shield, but only horizontally. Does it have a big influence on the measurements or is it no big deal?

I eventually bought the Davis 7714 radiation shield. According to the manual of Ecowitt WH32, the horizontal installation of the sensor doesn't have influence on the measurements, but could only influence the quality of transmission/reception.

I'm currently reading the full CWOP guide, in which they mention the use of handheld wind (and other variables) meters for calibration (and as back-up system of data).
I know the wind data are the most important in this case, but it would be nice to have temperature, humidity and pressure also built in. I was already looking at (the pricy) Kestrel 3500/5000/5500 meters and Fine Offset WS4003 meter (not sure where to buy, not available on Ecowitt or Froggit). Also Ambient had some nice devices, but again, shipping to Europe is impossible or very expensive. Good availability in Europe is a bonus.

Any recommendations?

I don't think it will make any difference to the measurement via the WH32 in the Davis Radiation screen. It might impact the transmission possibly if if you are working at a long range from your console/receiver. In which case having the WH32 upright is the way to go and should fit within the Davis 7714 cavity like that.

As for the Fine Offset handheld anemometer just because the Ecowitt website does not list it does not mean that Ecowitt cannot sell it if its made by Fine Offset. (speaking from experience here!)
So contact Lucy ( and say what you would like and ask for a quote with shipping to your location and I will be very surprised if Lucy cannot sort you out!


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