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What is lake effect snow?

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Studio Dewolf:
WEATHER EDUCATIONAL VIDEO: what is lake effect snow? Does this phenomenon cause a lot of snow? How does this arise? Where does this appear? Also at the North Sea?

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Good video. 

A regular occurrence every winter here as the Great Lakes are around us, and mostly from the west and north west.  This year the lakes were not frozen over as much so longer period of lake effect snow squalls.

The affect for us is more snow shoveling, and bad driving conditions!


I live in Chicago, Illinois, which is on the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan. In the winter, when it is below freezing and the wind is coming from the Northeast, the wind comes down the long length of the lake. As the wind goes over the open water of the lake it picks up moisture and turns it into snow. It then dumps the snow over the land. Sometimes we get a little and sometimes a lot. Back in 1967 Chicago received almost 2 feet (about 60 cm) in one storm of lake effect snow. There have also been instances where the sun is shining in the western suburbs and inches of snow is piling up in downtown Chicago, near the lake. The people that live on the southern end of the lake usually receive many lake effect storms every winter. My son only lasted two years living in northern Indiana, near the lake, and then gave up trying to deal with the constantly repeating dumping of snow.

Below is a radar image from Feb 15 of this year. My location is the white dot at the end of the tail of lake effect snow.

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Cutty Sark Sailor:
Everything you wanted to know about lake effect snow:

CoCoRaHs Webinars

what I remember is you need a plow to remove it. Not a shovel.


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