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Hi everyone

I got my webcam feeding WU and it worked well for a full day and then late yesterday, the image stopped loading on the WU webcam page. I have not changed anything on my end and it still shows 'online'. I have read where this may be common for WU - does anyone have any details around this or on WU in general? How can something so important seem so mismanaged?

Also - recommend any alternatives to WU? Looking for an all in one shop to add video and WeatherFlow weather data. Maybe my own website is best bet?


See the W34 link in my signature. I decided to pay for a nice hosting service and get what I want. Only scratching surface of all the stuff available like templates that smart people make and share. Given a bit of time and tapping resources like people here share you could make site 100 times nicer than WU. I keep WU upload going but if it ever went sour I have a site I already like and can expand on.

Thatís exactly what I want! Thanks for sharing. Very helpful.

Also, where did you go for hosting and templates etc?

Starting here you can read some of my journey:


This is the template site:


Using ICD Soft for host:


They are awesome. Was recommended here on forum.


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