Author Topic: Weather34 missing latest earthquakes side menu - FIXED  (Read 261 times)

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Weather34 missing latest earthquakes side menu - FIXED
« on: February 05, 2022, 11:42:36 AM »
Does anyone have the proper file permission settings for Weather34 and its sub-directories..
Curious what folks have setup for root, jsondata, etc... I don't want to open everything up if I don't have too but couldn't find data on weather34 file permissions setup.
Noticed eqnotification.txt in jsondata not updating (or is there is config somewhere to get eqnotifications to update based on settings?)

Long time Weather34 user but turns out I was missing some things..
1. jsondata directory was missing a file -  created it manually (eqnotification.txt) --- this allowed regional earthquakes to show up as side menu option
2. stationcron.php file was missing last line of code to run the earthquake check ---
Code: [Select]
$json5 file_get_contents(&#39;; . $lat . &#39;&lon=&#39; . $lon . &#39;&maxradius=10&format=json&minmag=2&#39;);
$file5 = &#39;../jsondata/eqnotification.txt&#39;;

Added those two items and now I can get earthquake data in my Weather34 template.... wonder what other old stuff I might be missing : )

Bummer Weather34 won't be maintained any longer at this point but an amazing product.
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