Author Topic: Baron Threat Net Web-Based vs XM Satellite Version  (Read 450 times)

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Baron Threat Net Web-Based vs XM Satellite Version
« on: June 16, 2021, 11:46:10 PM »
I also sent this info to Cliff Windham at Baron to compare, but I wanted to also ask here in case there are any Baron customers on WxForum.

My Baron Threat Net Public Safety Contract will end in October. When it comes time to renew my Baron Threat Net service, Iím still overall leaning toward Baron Threat Net Public Safety as I have been using.

However, if anyone here has used Baron Threat Net Aviation, I would like to hear of a comparison between Baron Threat Net Aviation vs Public Safety.

Itís ďpossibleĒ in the future, Iíll be doing some work internationally where some of the global data sets in Aviation might be useful for me, although if I do the bulk of my work in Arkansas as Iím doing now, then Public Safety will be the most useful to me since the severe weather data sets in Public Safety are what Iíd use for tracking severe weather in Arkansas.

Also, Iím also going to have access to a Windows PC coming up (I've been running exclusively on Mac/iOS), I am also interested in a comparison between the web-based version of Baron Threat Net vs WxWorx on Wings and Mobile Threat Net Ground (XM Version)

Itís likely I would stay on the Internet-delivered service plans since Iím working on changing to a more reliable ISP coming up, and the web-based versions are likely going to be the most flexible for me. While Iím ďshoppingĒ with though on comparing different Baron plans, I might as well look into all my various options.

If anyone here also has Threat Net Plus (the desktop Internet-delivered version), I could also look at that as a comparison, although Iíd likely go Baron Threat Net web-based over that one if I still choose Internet-delivery.

It seems the web-based Baron Threat Net is the most flexible across platforms (Windows, Mac, iOS, etc) and offers the highest-resolution data (which I enjoy), where the WxWorx/Mobile Threat Net offer the XM satellite delivery so if I'm in an area without reliable Internet/cellular coverage, then WxWorx/Mobile Threat Net would keep on ticking.

Thanks again!
Nathan Parker

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