Author Topic: Wmr 80 How to transfer my data to the internet?  (Read 2153 times)

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Wmr 80 How to transfer my data to the internet?
« on: September 08, 2019, 07:09:10 AM »
I have a Wmr80 device, but I don't have a device to transfer data to the internet. What happens to the additional solution

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Re: Wmr 80 How to transfer my data to the internet?
« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2019, 08:26:25 AM »
The WMR80 has no connectivity. It is a stand alone device. No USB, no Ethernet, no WiFi. no serial port.

That said the WMR80 probably uses the same sensors as other Oregon Scientific station models. Therefore if you got a hold of a different display model that was compatible then you may be able to utilize the same sensors and gain USB or serial port connectivity. I don't know which display to recommend that would work.
Maybe one of these: WM918/WX200,WMR-918/WMR-968/WMR-928N,WMR100,WMR200,WM-900H,63-1016,WMR300,WMR89,WMR88,WMR180.
With one of those Oregon Scientific displays you could then maybe use Weather-Display software or Meteobridge or Cumulus.

Another way may be to explore SDR to decode from the sensors onto a computer with the use of a RTL_433 compatible adapter.

But both of these options are probably not worth it for an old WMR80. You'd be better off buying something new that was designed to connect to the Internet. The Ecowitt stations are a good option that is very reasonable in cost.
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