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I've now got three rain gauges for comparison to a manual rain gauge.
Today's rain:
Davis 9.4mm
WS90 7.9mm gain all set to 0.65
WH40 7.7mm
Manual 7.2mm

Seems Davis single spoon is counting to much rain....
If it is a persistent difference I'd better self calibrate the Davis rain gauge.
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a note for the new 2.1.5fw.
a WH32(-EP) is not affected by the temperature compensation option - it's only applied to T/H sensors of the outdoor arrays (WH65/WS69, WS80, WS90).
Weather Conditions Discussion / Re: Feels like temperature
« Last post by mcrossley on Today at 04:36:18 AM »
Some feels like scales use both heat index and wind chill, and blend the two values in the band between them. If the scale uses heat index or some equivalent then it can certainly be another ambient.

Other scales factor in the solar value as as temperature, wind and humidity.
Other Weather Topics / Re: Downeaster / Cape Cod Wind Speed Device
« Last post by mcrossley on Today at 04:28:19 AM »
No idea, but it "sounds" like it should as it calls the sensor a generator which implies an old style analogue unit. Plus the length of time they seem to have been making these units.

If nobody knows for sure then you need to ask them I guess.
The device detects signals in the 500 kHz band and many devices can create similar signals as false positives.

This reminds me of a problem that I had at the start of my radio career. I was working for General Electric, we were installing radios in the Los Angeles bus system. It was before GPS so it had a system to estimate location based on elapsed time. This required the exact time the bus left the bus-yard and a transponder was placed under the bus. GE's engineers on the east coast chose 460KHz for the transponder as it was so close to the 455KHz IF frequency no one would be using it. However, when we installed the system it was receiving morse code interference. As the only ham on the project I decoded and identified it; it was a marine coastal station 30 miles away running 40,000 watts on 465KHz.

The point of this story is that just because engineers in China think 500KHz is a great frequency to use doesn't mean that it will be successful in all areas.
For Sale/Wanted / Re: Weatherflow TEMPEST Weather Station
« Last post by blizzardof78 on Yesterday at 11:22:23 PM »
Other Weather Topics / Re: Downeaster / Cape Cod Wind Speed Device
« Last post by blizzardof78 on Yesterday at 11:19:10 PM »
So are you expecting an anemometer needle to move instantaneously?

What I'm wanting to see is the type of movement as demonstrated in this video (click here ) and not like the unit I posted in the original post of the Downeaster in that video.
Davis Instruments Weather Stations / Re: How to download .csv file?
« Last post by LRAT on Yesterday at 11:14:53 PM »
Thanks for the advice PaulMy! Much appreciated!
Weather Conditions Discussion / Re: Feels like temperature
« Last post by sky_watcher on Yesterday at 10:54:53 PM »
I have never seen the 'feels like' reading higher than 'ambient' I think it should sometimes?
There are a variety of schemes for "feels like" temperatures. On this Australian Bureau Of Meteorology web page it discusses a selection of measurements. Perhaps you could check to see if those schemes would give different "feels like" temperatures than you are seeing. I use the BOM methodology when I record the "feels like" temperature into my database, rather than the PWS supplied value, and I have seen the Apparent Temperature being above the air temperature when the humidity is high and the wind is near calm.

Quote from: BOM Web page
The formula for the AT used by the Bureau of Meteorology is an approximations of the value provided by a mathematical model of heat balance in the human body. It can include the effects of temperature, humidity, wind-speed and radiation. Two forms are given, one including radiation and one without. On this site we use the non-radiation version.
Davis Instruments Weather Stations / Re: How to download .csv file?
« Last post by PaulMy on Yesterday at 10:10:16 PM »

Get rid of the expensive subscription to and publish my info on Met Office WOW or a personal website. may still be of benefit to you even on the free Basic plan.  You can see and access the current station data and daily highs and lows, just not the historical data.

WiFiLogger can send data to WOW as on of 10 weather services, all built-in.

And don't forget to look at CumulusMX as an alternate weather program to Weatherlink PC.  I won't knock Weatherlink PC as I also still use it and it is very solid, but others are more flexible and more features.


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