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WeatherUnderground / Re: WU - Let us know your issues
« Last post by EricP on Today at 03:01:06 AM »
It looks like we've got a handle on the backend failures issue now; identifying and removing a very small bit'o'code, and monitoring for a few hours, gives us confidence this issue has been resolved.
Looking good so far; but what about the widgets - "No Data"? Or is that a separate issue?
My AcuRite smartHUB Software / Acurite Atlas, Access & PWS and CWOP?
« Last post by SkellyCA on Yesterday at 11:52:07 PM »
I'm about to order the new Atlas, I already have the Access. I have a couple software questions...

It seems like Acurite only supports uploads to Wunderground right now?

1. Are they planning on adding more upload capabilities?
2. Is there 3rd party software to upload to PWS?
3. CWOP: Is there a way I can take part in CWOP with an Acurite Atlas and Access? 3rd party software maybe?
Since the Smarthub has been replaced by the Access, should you change the forum or add a new forum for the Access?
There are two separate things with the Ambient Weather Network "share" functionality.

1 - You can give someone a private link to your stations Dashboard on It is like getting a secret URL. Anyone you share the URL with can only see your Dashboard, pretty much as you see it. This is because is private unless you decide to share it. The Dashboard just loads on any browser.

2 - The custom code for sharing your data to a website is similar to what some people call a web widget. By looking at this forum I'm sure you have stumbled on some people's signature that includes their custom code to their weather data from Weather Underground or from WeatherCloud or from some other template that they are running on a personal website. We'll has the capability for you to embed tour entire Dashboard in a website. Although technically similar to a widget it is larger and not ideal for a signature. So you can make it part of your personal website that you host somewhere. It is Iframe Embed HTML Code.

* You can decide if to make indoor temperature and humidity part of either of the two share features or if you want to keep the indoor sensors private and only share the outdoor sensors data.

Here is the documentation:
The write-up for the WS-2000 on the Ambient Weather website talks about a “share” feature included in the Ambient Weather Network (  It says:

“The share feature allows you to share your dashboard with friends and family. The embedded share feature generates custom html code you can add to your website.”

Does this mean a person could copy codes for reporting current weather conditions, for example, and add them to a personal weather website?  Any information about this share feature would be appreciated.  I could not find any mention of the share feature in the write-up of the WS-2902 station.
Weather Website PHP/AJAX scripting / Re: advforecast2.php issue
« Last post by gateway2capecod on Yesterday at 09:01:52 PM »
Thanks for help....

got victoria texas forecast working for now with the older version script trick
Weather Website PHP/AJAX scripting / Re: advforecast2.php issue
« Last post by saratogaWX on Yesterday at 08:53:58 PM »
Correct.. the MapClick formatted point-printable forecast URLs are the only format that works with both old and new scripts.  The /point/ URLs only work with the V5.x script and the beta site.
Weather Website PHP/AJAX scripting / Re: advforecast2.php issue
« Last post by Jasiu on Yesterday at 08:51:47 PM »

I tried reverting to V4.05, and got a blank-ish screen. Forcing the update didn't help.

The likely reason for that is the format of the forecast URL ($SITE['fcsturlNWS']) in your settings file. From a view-source on your site:

Code: [Select]
<!-- RAW NWS URL:,-83.8129 -->

If you use a URL of the "MapClick" variety, it will work with the 4.x script and the 5.x script will convert it to the "point" format; i.e., it works with both.  Example:

Code: [Select]
<!-- RAW NWS URL: -->
Weather Website PHP/AJAX scripting / Re: advforecast2.php issue
« Last post by Otis on Yesterday at 08:50:33 PM »
Hey Greg, I was having same problem and did as Ken suggested - reverted to v4.05 and mine is working.
Cheboygan -
Rogers City -

So you did try clearing the cache right?
AcuRite Weather Stations / Re: Atlas Unboxing and Setup
« Last post by miraculon on Yesterday at 08:18:20 PM »
Thanks for posting the video. It looks like an interesting station. I especially like the anemometer extension and the remote battery options.

I am too heavily invested in Davis to make any changes, but I have to hand it to the guys at Acu-Rite. The Elite sounds even more interesting...

Greg H.
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