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Title: Kind of like eating potato chips...
Post by: Aardvark on April 18, 2021, 05:45:37 PM
I have been bitten by the electronic bug.   Before all this happened with this virus,  I and the wife used to go on road trips in the summer. That meant shutting down the house with the exception of the modem.  I would read how the temperature in town was so hot and I imagined how hot it was in the house might be, I had one of those thermostats that is wifi controlled.  I figured that I could regulate the temperature where ever I was, because I could read what it was on my Weatherlink on my phone.   

Then the furnace went bad, so we had a new one put in, same thermostat.   I also got three wifi air purifier because of the dog and the allergies.  I found that if I ran an air purifier where the dog was hiding out  most of the time, I had less crap on the furnace air filter, and I could shut those down before I left, then when a few miles from home, fire them up and have nice smelling air.

Then of course the basement. I have a dehumidifier there and have a smart plug  that is wifi controlled and here we go again.   

However, I am at home, isolated and I can adjust all of these, but it is so much easier if I do it from my recliner and push the buttons on the phone.

I have one station on my Davis VP2  left and I am trying to figure what else can I attach.  I have temperture/humidity sensor in the attic, basement, crawl space. A fully populated soil/moisture station in the garden, two consoles other than the Weatherlink, wireless anemometer in place, and a soil surface temperature probe.
can you see how this weather station is like eating potato chips or having photography as your hobby?

I hope to live long enough to be able to afford more gadgets...