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Title: May be one of the strangest topics, but here goes
Post by: DaleReid on February 24, 2021, 01:23:20 PM
This certainly doesn't fit any where else, but this forum has a wide readership, and multinational members.

Question:  Are other (non-USA) cultures as enamoured with ghosts as the US seems to be?  I discovered a large group of satellite/cable TV programs dealing with ghosts, tracking ghosts, using technology to sense when a ghost is present, people who claim to be ghost hunters, haunted building investigators and so on.

I know that the Mexican heritage has Day of the Dead, if I recall, and it is honoring relatives who have died, and not perceiving them as coming to haunt or disturb those who are still alive.  And the low class movies about Friday the 13th, chainsaw massacres and so on it also disturbing.  How anyone could have wasted good film stock to produce them is beyond me.

I for one do not believe there are ghosts, nor am particularly creeped out by going to a graveyard and what not.  I have yet to see anything that indicates a haunting, and am skeptical enough to be pretty sure all that is indeed malarkey. 

But is this fascination with spirits and things interacting after death a US phenomenon or do other cultures have this too?  I know there is the godzilla monster stuff from the 60s that is attributed to Japan, but maybe it was where movies could be made more cheaply and nothing to do with their myths.