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My set up . Not much has changed in 10 years
I do wish they had touch screen display
This would be the set up If i had to do it today . But the cost is 3 times the 200 dollars . But it  a soild eqe.  from great company
up the investment may check this out
Or invest in Davis , I had  my Davis for 10 years . This year my weather vane quit working , Call Davis They sold me new one direct for half the cost of new one .
@Rick, thanks for the info. Iím looking at it.
Anything to look out for or any manufacturers you prefer?
Thanks for the quick reply, OTM. Iíve seen a few on Amazon in that price range. Iím not opposed to that as Iím just getting into weather stations.  Though I hope to upgrade before too long. 

Any words of advice to a greenhorn?
i don't know any thing about this station but may fit your neeeds
Weather Web Resources / Re: Looking for Beta Testers
« Last post by doubleohwhatever on Today at 09:33:38 PM »
We definitely have coverage in CA. I've attached another example map that is zoomed out to show our current coverage area. Again, we'll be extending coverage to other areas later this year.

I'm sending you a PM with the beta tester details.
Weather Web Resources / Re: NOAA WEATHER RADIO
« Last post by brandon86 on Today at 09:32:18 PM »
Ok I found the problem, disregard the help request though I may inlist someone a trusted source to be an additional admin on the Linux end so that when this happens they can help me keep this up.
The problem was, someone apparently attempted to gain unauthorized access into the server, well I have iptables installed and while sip connected, icecast and teamtalk my voice chat client both were not showing that they had any connectivity, which meant that the icecast server obviously wasn't getting streamout data from the server, and that I couldn't connect to tt.
Turns out I had to go through and fix the iptables and everything works now.
So a bit of help told me that.
Under $200 is gonna keep you in the Walmart & Costco market.
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