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What do the console disgnostics show, when it's not doing what you think it should be doing?

There are indicators for that specific situation.

I am not a programmer so will need you to remember that please.

I manage a Military Amateur Recreation Station in Alaska as a volunteer. 
The Club and Station is a no profit group supporting military members
their families and retirees.

Problem Weather Station wise is this, we lost out cheap Chinese station recently.
So I bought a Acurite 5 in 1 to replace it as it was reported to have PC Connect software.
Well as you may know it does and doesn't.  Previously we used Cumulus to take the data
from the old Wx Station and export it to our website.  Comes in handy when a storm blows
in with high winds on a hilltop radio site. Acurite PC Connect does not do this, mostly it
will export data to Weather Underground which is fine we used to do that with Cumulus.
But it fails in the fact it does not export a .dat file or wxnow.txt etc....I also send this
weather data out over APRS here in Anchorage.  Well not now but I did.  At home I am still
using an old model wx station that Cumulus will talk to so there I have good data to work with.
Does not help me at the club station ten miles away.  :(

Cumulus does not support the Acurite and shy of writing code I cannot figure out how to get
that the outputted .csv onto a webpage that's readable.  Again not a programmer.

I need to find either a program like Cumulus or a program that will take that .csv file
from the Acurite and build an html version I can upload to our website. 

Anyone out there have suggestions on how I do this?

Anchorage, Alaska
AcuRite Weather Stations / Re: Atlas Has Arrived
« Last post by mdbelt on Today at 10:50:26 PM »
I just got my Atlas from Amazon today.  It's awesome.  Everything pictured was included.  Station, Display, Access, & Lightning Sensor.

Looks like pole size of anywhere from 1 & 1/16" to 1 & 1/2" will work.
I have an almost 10-year old VP2 and recently I'm not believing the wind speeds it's reporting.   I had a couple days where it read 'zero' although the cups seemed to be spinning ok.  More often it reports wind speeds that are far higher than reality almost certainly, sometimes as high as 60 mph or greater.  No way.

I worked with Davis to get their test cable which tests out ok, and I verified the bottom 2/3 of the actual cable is ok (didn't haul the pole down to check the top 10 feet though), so I'm wondering if it's time to replace the anemometer.  Is it possible for those things to have the bearings get loose and spin much faster than reality ?
Davis Instruments Weather Stations / Anemometer cable compatibility?
« Last post by pitchpocket on Today at 08:35:56 PM »
Greetings! I own a Davis Weather Wizard III. The anemometer stopped working a few years ago and weve been limping along with a partially functional unit since then. Looking to upgrade to the Vantage Pro (wireless). Even though its wireless, the anemometer has a 12-meter cable that I assume connects to the station indoors. It was a painstaking job to install the Weather Wizard III anemometer on a pole at the peak of the roof fishing cable through the attic space, down the walls two stories and into the kitchen where we have the console mounted on the wall. I wonder if the cable is the same as the new one and if I can simply splice into that cable to utilize the new anemometer. Anyone know? 
There's no reason for high wind itself to cause a signal drop, except maybe something like swaying tree branches or heavy rain blocking the signal.
AcuRite Weather Stations / Atlas losing connection in strong winds?
« Last post by Tylerpod on Today at 06:28:53 PM »
A gust front ahead of a small squall line just came through with around 50-60 MPH winds but my Atlas lost all connection to the display till the winds dropped to the 30s. Anyone know what the problem might be?
I recommend another Fine Offset clone. But the new ones are way better than what you had before.

Improvements (can differ depending on exactly what you had before):
- color display - built in WiFi - still expandable to use ObserverIP device for use with Meteobridge
- New temperature and humidity sensor uses Sensirion SHT30 (very nice and accurate)
- Wind vane more accurate by new dampers in hardware (less crazy jumpiness)
- Wind direction indication for every degree 360 points for indication.
- Wind detection at very low speeds (below 1 mph)
- more accurate rain gauge
- adds solar radiation and UV index
- Super capacitor instead of rechargeable batteries
- Much nicer overall design for an all in one

You can read about my specific model recommendations for the UK in my following post:

Ambient Weather Station / Re: Ambient WS-2902A External Antenna
« Last post by WA4OPQ on Today at 05:26:05 PM »
Well, Xterraguy, you got me motivated. I ordered this yagi today.  $17.99 on amazon

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