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suspicious link into my website
« on: May 18, 2009, 08:35:33 AM »
Today I was reviewing my website stats and found a site linking into my page called [I'd say don't go here! ->] systemsupportnetwork (dot) com.  I was curious what that page was and found after a Google search that it was a malicious site selling rogue anti-spyware.  I have not found any evidence my home systems are infected but my search so far is not very extensive.

I am wondering why this site shows a link into my page.  Does it mean someone with this hijack software on their computer has viewed my page or is it actually a link showing up somewhere on one of their webpages?  Anyone know or have similar experience?  Just curious right now but searching for more info.

From my Google search I found the website "windowsprotection(dot)net" says -
Systemsupportnetwork(dot)com domain is another try of cyber-criminals to achieve their malicious commercial goals selling rogue anti-spyware. This time, the promoted fake spyware remover is  Personal Antivirus , which is dangerous and rapidly propagating throughout the web lately. Systemsupportnetwork(dot)com is a browser hijacker serving the corrupt plans of hackers. Systemsupportnetwork(dot)com hijacker redirects its victimís web browser to a fake warning page when the PC user is trying to visit some website. ...

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