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For sale full unit - built in 2015 by Don Froula https://www.wxforum.net/index.php?topic=42683.msg435626#msg435626

Had been running without issue until September when my ISP changed the router and IP address subset from 198.168.0.x to 10.0.0.x  and I can't determine what IP address it is for me to access it ](*,)

$400 plus shipping from Canada.


I would love it, but do not have a way to get the cord into the school or house


I have a 1" drill that is about 18" long.....

Dale (the smart-ass)

I am sure that would go over well at school, since the roof is just a few years old.

Cutty Sark Sailor:
Chief David:The H-field antennas, using rj45, DO NOT need to be outside!! Just away from noise sources....; basement, garage. attic... whatever.
Because of the type sensing used in the E field, it SHOULD be outside, at least a few feet above ground, and as far from ANY structures, vegetation, whatever. The air and earth are part of the probe structure...however some folks have hung them in the attic... but definitely not recommended.  Now, Paul's RED system has three E field channels, so selecting one or more of them could make that 'indoor' attic install work better... but I wouldn't count on it.  It connects with 75 Ohm coax, but it needs to be premium, at least double shielded, and pure copper..   You DO not need E field to be effective... the magnetic H field channels do fine by themselves.
So unless you want the most effective E field you DON'T need to run outside at all... with the caveats on eField in mind. As long as you can get shielded RJ45 to the H field antennas, and they and the controller are away from electrical / magnetic noise, you're good to GO...Need anything, pm me..
This is a great 'add on' for school kids, BTW.



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