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Automated Weather Source AirWatch Master Control Weather Station


not your typical cheap weather station you see online.  This unit I wanted to install at my QTH but I have no place for it now and really don't want to let it go.
Asking $1050.00 with free shipping lower 48

It is a wired weather station

The R. M. Young 04101 Wind Monitor Sensor, Wind Speed and Direction itself costs $858.00

The display is very nice and would look amazing in anyone's ham shack.

The entire package weighs in at 24 pounds.

Here is a youtube video I just shot showing the unit plugged in and up close.  Link down below.


These were made, at least some of them, but the Texas Weather Instruments folks who, for the display and stuff, did the assembly.  I talked with the techs there a decade ago about one of these and I cannot recall what he said about the electronics in the box.

If I recall these were to be at schools and other places for starting a network, with accurate sensors as was pointed out.

And of course there is absolutely nothing like the green LED display for high visibility.

Question for jbesedic:  You show the unit functioning in your Youtube video.  Do you know if there is a data stream coming out of the COM  DB9 plug on the back which could interface with any software, or will this just function as a sensor gathering and display unit? 

I am not sure.   How that would interface but I bet someone with some programming knowledge in this forum could figure it out.


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