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SOLD…Davis 6163 System (Refurbished)



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Davis 6163 system for sale

Here is one of Davis’ flagship stations: the Pro 2 Plus with 24 hour radiation shield fan aspiration.

It just returned from Davis HQ, where it went through a full refurbishment.

New items include:

Aerocone, with bird spikes
Tipping bucket rain collector
Integrated sensor suite transmitter, with new 3 volt battery
Rebuilt fan aspiration system
Wind cups and direction vane
Console screen and latest firmware
Mounting hardware

UV and solar radiation sensors tested for accuracy.

I don’t have the original manuals, but they’re available for free download at Davis’ website. A power adapter for the console is also included.

For an extra $50 I will include a USB data logger, to allow you to connect your console to your computer for data collection and analysis.


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