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Fall/Winter 2023-24

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Time to start another time of year weather thread:

Oklahoma Sky Looks Like Nuclear Bomb Cloud as Bizarre Storm Hits State.

Incredible rain totals in the New York area from leftover Ophelia, I can't imagine dealing with that much rain at one time. 3 inches in the Chicago area almost swamps all the low areas of the county and Chicago is pretty flat. Basements fill, streets become canals, underpasses (forget about it). 6 or 7 inches in one day, unbelievable. I am sure there are places that have gotten more.

Obviously, climate change will be responsible for the even-more-than-usual mass looting.  ](*,)

Very dry here in SE Wisc. for most of the Summer. Here are some of the rain totals from the area on 9/26----9/27, we caught up some.  [ You are not allowed to view attachments ]


Hardly any rain this summer and we have had 5 inches this week..
Cant mow for a while in the low spots.


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