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Hi everyone,

I am posting as I have become very interested in daily climate data.

I would very much like to find daily weather station data from different locations around the world in order that I can do my own analysis.

I have found already some interesting data, such as this from European weather stations:

The only issue is that it is not updated very often.

If anyone knows of where I can find daily data going back a few decades at least - really from any location in the World - than I would be very grateful!

Thanks guys!

Hayden M:
A good place to find daily precipitation measurements, at least across the United States and Canada, would be It began in Colorado in 1998 and has expanded since then, with most states involved by 2011. Some stations have been reporting for over 15 years, a few even longer. Some observers note additional data such as high and low temperatures, details of severe thunderstorms, and other things in their reports, so you may find some interesting stuff while digging around.

Thank you, that is definitely useful to me. Precipitation data is also great. Thank you for the reply - I will have a dig around, it looks interesting.

Hayden M:
I did some digging around myself and found some additional places you may want to look for daily observations, records, and such in the United States. The Iowa Environment Mesonet provides a large amount of various weather data. You can find records for National Weather Service COOP sites across the states at Observations from weather-observing networks can be found here If you know the station identifier, you may also use to see some climate reports from the past two years or so, but it is limited to an archive of 1,500. To use this, you would enter CLI, plus a station identifier, to find Daily Climate Reports published by National Weather Service Offices. An example would be "CLIPSC", this will bring up climate reports for the Tri Cities Airport since June 23rd, as of today. You results will vary on this one though. You can find the station identifiers by going to These links default to Washington State, as that is the state I live in, but you can select any state and network you wish. You may also just have fun poking at anything you can find on their main site and clicking the categories in the gray bar with "Apps" through "Webcams". If you need help navigating any of the sites, I can help you.

That all looks really useful. Thank you for posting this. It is harder than I thought to find good temperature data! I will have a good look at all of these links. They seem pretty helpful.


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