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Spring/Summer 2023

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It's the first day of Spring on the calendar, so time to start a change to new time of year weather thread.
Spring/Summer 2023

Garth Bock:
We have always been told that the Equinox is the day when day and night are equal or 12 hours each. Well, almost equal. Due to our orbit and our atmosphere the true balance between day and night only occurs on the Equilux. That happens several days before the Equinox. The Equinox is also tied to astrology because the sun moves into the constellation Pisces. This dates back to the time of Aristotle 2000 years ago. Anyway, happy first day of spring. Either Equilux or Equinox, celebrate because summer is coming!

In Oklahoma, it's interesting how this year the weather systems have been setting themselves up complete with training rain so that that most of eastern and southern Oklahoma is now cleared of drought. It's also, interesting how extremes have gone from exceptional drought in northern Osage County to no drought at all in much of neighboring Tulsa County.

With the current rain producing system, Stillwater has only gotten .1" at best, while an hour away to the south Shawnee has had 2.5" of rain, so far. I-44 is a major cut off area. The situation won't change until the cold fronts delay passing through northern and central Oklahoma so soon in the day.  The only downside to that is that a delay to later in the afternoon gives tornadoes and big hail a more favorable time to develop.

The last time the high temperature in the Twin Cities failed to hit 50 degrees during the month of March was back in 2001, when the highest temperature reached was 48.  WU’s 10-day forecast for the area doesn’t show much prospect for 50 by the end of the month, so it looks like we’ll keep our winter gear at hand for a while yet. Most of the Minnesota is still covered in snow.

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A little bit of everything for almost everybody this weekend.

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The only thing missing is the brimstone and the hurricane that is bearing down on Alabama.


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