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what websites do you use for models?

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I use tropicaltidbits.com mainly. What about Y'all?

I also use tropical tidbits. Very good site.
There is a great Android app I been using called flowx. If you have an Android give it it a try . Not sure if there is a IOS version.

https://www.pivotalweather.com/  I have an account but it provides free access also.

I also use    https://weather.us/forecast/5700344-valentine/xltrend/hrrr/precipitation-total     for quick model comparison.  It includes some models I don't care for at all like Access-G just click them out and select the HRRR for your daily temp forecast it's by far the best.

I use a few different ones. I'd recommend certain products based on whether you want to spend $$.

For most of my forecasting at work, I have an account with Pivotal Weather ($9.99/mo). It has about 95% of the things I need - global & mesoscale models along with short terms. That group has also been adding more ensemble products, which has been great.

I make some weather content still at home when I'm not working. For that, I use GREarth ($15/mo.), which is now split into two products - GREarth & GRModels. Not great # of model products available, but the nowcasting with GRE is great and I love being able to customize the data representation in GRModels.

Still use Bufkit (free) for a lot of forecasting sounding products but Pivotal Weather also includes that with their models which is nice.

Some other great free products are Tropical Tidbits, College of Dupage, Polar WX & Weather Nerds - I've use all of these in some form from time to time.

Weather Models (I believe it's $15/mo) and Weatherbell ($25/mo.) are also nice. I'm just not as big of a fan of their interfaces. Allisonhouse also provides a model map service but it was a bit clunky in my personal experience. I do use their data feeds for use and have never not been satisfied.

I do miss Simuawips.

FarmTalk I forgot about many of those products thanks for the reminder. I do use the GR3 for my website doppler front page image. Looks and works so much better than the standard loops IMO. 

Here is what visitors get on the front index page. https://www.valentinenebraska.net/  The GR3 image works nice and it enlarges full size with a click. The disadvantage it doesn't loop for visitors just the last still image but it is so much more detailed and can zoom right in for trouble spots. I have loops available if that's what they prefer.


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