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Looking for IP Cameras


I need two IP Cameras. They're a little more for security than just for weather (since I have a solid weather camera, but they should be able to capture some weather events as well).

Here are my needs:

1. Outdoor use
2. Wi-Fi (no Ethernet drop nearby)
3. Battery powered (might be too far to run power cord, solar with battery backup is an option)
4. Night Vision would be nice
5. I just need to be able to view the live streams in a web browser on my LAN, plus FTP static images to a server (I already have my own FTP server I use for cloud storage). I don't need proprietary apps, subscription services, or "smart home" stuff (just something simple)
6. It can be fixed/static (I don't need PTZ)
7. Not made in China (in case I ever need to adapt them for work, I have work restrictions on not made in China for some items)
8. Overall low cost (in case I only need them temporarily)
9. To mount them, one I could U Bolt to the pole my Davis VP2 is on. The other I'd need to mount on the front of my house and would need to figure that out



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