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I have had ftp uploads to AW on and off over the last several days.  I eventually get my camera,EXVIST 4K 8.0MP PoE IR Weatherproof Compact Dome Live Streaming IP Camera,  to connect to AW and it sends photos for several hours, then without explanation, it stops.  The error log is no help as it shows jpg sent normally up to when it stops and shows no errors.   I can ftp to my own server and it works without fail, I can connect to another ftp site and it works as well.  I've contacted AW but haven't heard anything back yet.  I know my settings are good as it works with other sites and on occasion AW as well.  Does anyone have an idea

My hosting service limits the number of concurrent FTP sessions. This was causing me problems with several meteohub, meteobridge, WLIP, etc. There were scripts running on my Linux box. Once I reduced these under the limit, I no longer had problems.

I don't know what AW policy is, but it sounds like you might have several devices uploading.

Just an idea to check into.

Greg H.

Thanks.  I just went through the other 12 cameras I have and checked the settings to make sure I'm not doing that.  I did have some settings that might cause problems, I deleted any ftp sites on them and rebooted cameras.  I've resubmitted my weather cam to AW and it has popped up.  time will tell if that's all it was. 

well, today at 13:57 it stopped uploading, or AW stopped receiving ftp jpgs.  I'm at a loss for the problem.  I may break down and purchase an AW camera to see if that will fix the issue.

It's not ur camera. I just use my Foscam and send images through Meteobridge to AW.

There have been some changes of late though it seems. Used to be it just had the most recent image to view. Now when clicking the image it has a time lapse going back more than 24 hours.


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