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Hello everyone!

I am a software developer with a lot of hobbies, one of them is the weather. So I got my own personal weather station and placed it on a good spot in my backyard. After a few months with the station gathering data, I was not quite happy about the way I could view and analyze the data. My station supports CSV export or the direct transfer to a 3rd party, e.g. wetherunderground.

What I was looking for, was a simple software to show me my station's data in a modern and nicely visualized way.

So I developed my own :)

I just wanted to share this with you in case you are also looking for something similar. Please feel free to test it out, it's free and available for Mac, Linux, and Win.

You can read all about it here (I am currently doing the page, the texts are not final):

Would love to hear some feedback from you guys!

PS: If you like the app and would like to support me, please consider giving the project a star on

this looks good
do you have like a standard/default csv format that if the data is available in that format then its easy plug and play?

Thank you!

Your CSV needs to have named headers, you can set the header names in the settings of the app, see here:

The app only shows the diagrams for data that is available (if your data does not contain the dew point, the diagram is not shown).

i did understand that
but that doesn't answer my question

I tried that csv that the ambient web page (for my station) created.   It seems to read it in but then I see no data. 

It would be nice if the software would be able to read the standard csv files for different stations.

FWIW... I attached the file I tried to use.. converted to .txt.


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