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2021 Southern Arizona Weather


Randall Kayfes:
Results of my PWS and Excel

Month by hour Temps:

Fun Percentages (Gotta Enjoy those Zero Rain Days):

Wind Speed by hour:

Maximum Wind Speed by the Month and Hour:

Wind Run & Zeros - Month by Hour (When it gets warm in Arizona 90F + a little breeze helps a lot):

Dew Point - Month by hour (The Start & End of Monsoon is so obviously blue):

Temp Differences by the Month:

Randall Kayfes:
Admins if you want to move this to I am really sorry I missed it so go ahead and put this under that post... If you can

The dew point graph is very telling of our tale of two seasons, dry and not so dry. Nice.

[Rant On]
I'm sorry, but aren't you discussing last year's weather rather than climate.  The NWS has also adopted the muddy-headed device of referring to any recent weather as a 'climate' event even though it obviously is not.  They (the NWS) has even gone so far as to label their longer term WEATHER forecast center a 'Climate Prediction Center' which is patent nonsense.

My understanding is that it takes at least 30 years of weather patterns to detect an alteration in climate.  If these people had experienced our
1930's weather in the plains they would have predicted that the central US would become a desert by 1960, which didn't happen.  It has in fact been a desert in the distant past as evidenced by Nebraska's Sand Hills and may become one again in the far distant future.  Weather patterns may persist for multiple seasons, but such patterns rarely persist longer except in the minds and dire predictions of the apocalyptics.
[Rant Off]

Randall Kayfes:
Greetings Jerry and duly noted title changed from climate to weather.


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