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Shockwave from volcano

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Don't know if this really belongs here as its not exactly weather but...

A bit over two hours after the volcano erupted in Tonga, around 1986km from Port Charles according to Google Maps. I never thought something like this would be picked up by a personal weather station before.

Zoomed view of just the pressure surge:

News is saying quite a few people even here in New Zealand over 2000km away heard the eruption (or its shockwave) as well.

Not as dramatic but I also saw a blip in Northern Idaho.
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Waiting to see if Europe gets anything.

Thanks for starting the thread!

--- Quote from: WA7FWF on January 15, 2022, 12:21:24 PM ---Not as dramatic but I also saw a blip in Northern Idaho.

--- End quote ---
The same here in eastern Washington. Scanning WU you can see the blip and compare times with other stations. Very interesting.

holy cow

8am central


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