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Time to start another time of year thread:

It's like there has been a drought explosion in Oklahoma.  Only .01" of rain here so far in September.  A rainy period of 1" to 2" may come later this week.

Had an early front come through here that shut off the tap. Cooled things down a tad too. Rainy season is coming to an end. For the most part it's now chamber of commerce weather till spring. In other words, boring weather. Still have the possibility of some tropical storms from the southern gulf and Cab though.

Oklahoma City tied its record high with 94 for Friday 10/8/21. So maybe we're still not done with having 90s for highs here for 2021.  This Sunday thru Wednesday is supposed to be a welcomed rainy spell that might be able to put a dent in the drought.


Tuesday night severe thunderstorms and Thursday morning first frost. Low of 31 this morning. Pretty close to average first frost dates for this area.

During a walk around Boomer Lake on Wednesday evening, I saw some simultaneous weather phenomena that I don't recall seeing before.  First I saw a large rainbow with virga.  The bottom of it didn't go to the ground.  There was no rain.  Then I turned around and saw a more spectacular than usual sunset.  Both pictured below.   Similar sights were also going on in the Oklahoma City area. So Oklahoma City TV meteorologist, Emily Sutton, received numerous sunset and rainbow photos on her Facebook page.

In central Oklahoma, as fall begins to transition to winter, the weather has finally been acting up, since it's the secondary storm season.  The Oklahoma City metro has been pounded by several storms in the past week with a few tornadoes, fortunately not strong enough to produce much severe damage.  No wonder. Tornados were rated EF0 and EF1.  Altogether in Oklahoma for the past week, there has been 23 tornadoes, more than throughout last spring.  Fortunately, Stillwater had no severe storms, while getting much needed rain with no flash flooding. .74" came from early Friday morning's mild storm.  The rest of October looks like it will be more fall like with no early freezes, so far in store.  No more highs clear into the lower 90s.


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