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Warm weather coming to an end

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Well it looks like are 7+  day strerak of 60 degree weather will be coming to an end early Friday. Can ever remember having a warn streak this late in the season that lasted this many days. Sure was nice while it lasted.

No kidding. The arctic air that brought all the snowy pictures online has now reached our area. This is what my weather page says right now:

High Temperature 73.2 F at 8:15a
Low Temperature  37.2 F at 1:53p

So it's dropped by 35 degrees since I left home this morning  :shock:

Mark / Ohio:
Rode home from work tonight with my arm out the window looking at the Christmas lights in 65F.  Seemed weird.  I agree the length of the warm spell was unusual.  Normally only lasts a few hours or a day right ahead of the cold front this time of year.

I checked with the NWS and the last time this happened was in 1982. But they didn't give me any other information.

The low temperature so far today is 65.3F at 01:09 this morning. Pretty unusual considering our highs this time of year are usually in the 50's. Ten minute average windspeed has stayed above 10 mph all morning. Gusts have been 18+ mph with a high of 24 mph. I am seeing a message on the VP2 console I've never seen before, "Kite Flying Weather". Looks like the storms ahead of the front will get here later this morning. The sky has been really angry looking for the past 24 hours. You can see what I mean at


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