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Only in the midwest

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No you shouldn't be feeling guilty at all. I'll be wishing for some of this 60 degree weather come Janurary & February.

Ah, Beckley... as I recall, if you're not on I-77, you're pretty close to it, right?

I remember back when..... you could get t-shirts that said "I survived the West Virginia Turnpike". You know, back when it was a 2-lane road??  :)

But seriously, I do remember all the construction way back, mid-to-late 70s? Early 80s? I remember detouring, on a dirt/gravel road, down towards a creek--and I do mean downhill--following it for a while, then going back up to the "real" blacktop road.... along with all the semi's...

Ah yes, the good old days...

Well, we've only got one more 70+ day, then 60s Sat, and 50s through next week, with lows down to the bone chilling 30s.......

noquitters, in my defense, I grew up in the snow belt of NE Ohio. Believe me, back in the 60s and 70s we got snow! I plowed my parents 300' driveway with an old WWII vintage Ford tractor with a blade in the back, no cab of any sort... I put in my time...

(but I did have use my A/C in the car for a little bit at lunch!! LOL)

Well, it started snowing at 2:00, it's now about 4:50 and we already have 6 inches on the ground and it's still coming down like crazy. Not going to stop until around 6:00 tomorrow morning. Record snowfall for KC on one day is 16 inches back in 1912. Looks like that may be going out the window. :shock:


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