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WL & CWOP & WU Beta fix

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Randall Kayfes:
Here is a beta fix to take care of WeatherLink lock-ups - freezes that sometimes occurs when uploading to CWOP and/or Weather Underground:

We are not sure when it will go into production, however we have not heard of any complaints using it so far.  Save your original WeatherLink executable in a folder so you can rescue it if you need to revert back to it.  Download the above beta file and extract/drop it into your weather link folder (this file is the actual WeatherLink executable not an install file).  Use WeatherLink just as you did before

(Let's make this a sticky until Davis publicly releases the final version).

Since installing this BETA my WL has yet to freeze up in over a week. I was dropping almost daily. Thanks for the info!  \:D/ =D>

In case the DAVIS software engineers are lurking, I thought I should add my name to the SUCCESS list for 5.9.2a beta.

WL worked great for weeks until I signed up for CWOP, then it would hang at least once/day requiring a WL restart.  It has been three days since installing 5.9.2a and that issue has not returned.

Randall Kayfes:
Just for the record mine has been running non-stop except for two WinXP updates since November of 2010.

After months of futile searches I *finally* ran across this thread.  5.9.2a has been running for me for over a week now.  Previously it would hang within one day, or two days at the most.




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