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I'm sure I haven't been paying attention but I assume something changed in the NWS CAP feeds?  I use a program called Feedwind to make a script for each area county.    This is one of the links I used to retrieve the feed from NWS   I also tried this but as you see from my page the old text doesn't go away.

Where do I find the correct links? 


On Jan 30, 2024, the NWS deprecated the URL for getting ATOM/CAP advisories.
The new url uses but.. be aware that if no alert is active, that alert no longer includes an
--- Quote ---<entry>
  <title>There are no active watches, warnings or advisories</title>
  <link href="'.$link.'"/>
--- End quote ---
so the absence of an <entry></entry> means no alert.  That change may break your usage of Feedwind.. it would have to be adapted to accommodate that change in the returned alert.

Thanks Ken, so you're saying I need to do away with feedwind correct?  And are there scripts that I can do to setup the neighboring counties like I had before.  I appreciate your help!


The nws-alerts package can do that. for the non-Saratoga template version.  The nws-alerts package is already in the Saratoga Base-USA package.

Thanks Ken!  I'll be working on it.



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