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Time to gripe again.

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NWS says we had our second warmest year on record.  They also say "Cooler than normal temperatures were largely absent in 2023. "

I may be off a day or two, but by my count using their records we had 142 days below normal and 224 days at or above normal.  That's roughly 40% of the days below normal.  I don't see that as 'largely absent'.

I'm sure if you considered plus or minus 4 degrees from normal, actually "normal", and drop those, it would be 40/20/40.

But we can't say those things out loud...

Doing that might put it closer to 33/33/33.  This is March 23 for example:

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Several days are within that 4 degree range. 

I count 17 days at or above normal and 14 below. 

Most months were similar with some being 15/15.  Outliers were Jan 27/4, Feb 20/8 and Dec 24/7.

Wasn't even close here. (-.6) f below normal. Had not been for the warm +5.5 December 2023 would have been several below normal.  :lol: Normal is using the departure period NCDC 1991-2020

Always remember that there are lies, danged lies, and statistics!

Or, figures don't lie but liars figure.

The second saying is probably a bit extreme in this context but there is an agenda that must be adhered to so that causes me to cast doubt on such pronouncements.  Then there is the issue of what "normal" is.  An uncle once described it as being the average of the extremes.


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