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My weather station (VP2) is located just about exactly 2 miles from the weather station at KBLI and, before this fall, the readings between the two were generally identical. Since October the airport station has consistently been reporting daily minimum temperatures up to 3 degrees colder than my station. When I check other CWOP stations in the general area for comparisons it seems as though what the airport is reporting is unlikely to be accurate. Two questions: 1) Is the weather station at KBLI an ASOS or AWOS? 2) How likely is it that the KBLI weather station is reading too cold?

It's an ASOS. As far as temp anomalies, if you think there's a problem, call your WFO and make your case. They can fail like anything else.

Thanks for the info. In your experience, how common is it for ASOS instruments to fail?

They are on a PMS like all FAA equipment, so I'm sure it's checked at least once a year. If it is off, this could potentially be critical with pilots now that icing conditions are becoming more prevalent.



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