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Davis VP2 (cabled), multiple buildings and private network

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Yes, Cumulus has standard default website template i.e.

And also some user contributions that can be added i.e.  and
And Ken's templates i.e.


Thanks for all this info. Any experience/ideas on the meteo "ethernet" logger? In particular, views about why
I would not want to go that route other than the higher cost of the logger itself. I am still leaning towards the
pi version, since I have an unused pi 3b kicking about. The much lower power consumption of the pi running 24/7 is atractive as iis
being able to run other things on it. Unsure of the future for Pi's as have not being able to find stock anywhere in quite some time which will make them more expensive eventually if stock returns.


Apparently, the number of Pi units (across all SKUs I guess) shipped or expected this year is:

Q1 = 1 million
Q2 = 2 million expected
Q3 = 3 million+ expected

So retail shortages should start to ease as the year wears on. but it's probably going to be uneven across different SKUs.

[My summary of the first 15 minutes or so of - video as of about 2 weeks ago.]

Using a Meteopi Ethernet (MPE) - I think that is the unit you're referring to - doesn't stop you running CumulusMX on a Pi. It's just that the interface is via the network rather than direct on a HAT (ÁHAT actually).

You can order up to 10 pi ZeroW in one go at Pimoroni in the UK


--- Quote from: mcrossley on May 28, 2023, 01:28:27 PM ---You can order up to 10 pi ZeroW in one go at Pimoroni in the UK

--- End quote ---

But not Zero 2W currently AFAIK. Wouldn't you feel more comfortable running CMX on a Zero 2, Mark? (Even if people can and do run it on a plain Zero, but perhaps not much spare horsepower???)

Edit: Actually, I realise that I don't know whether or not CMX can take advantage of the extra cores on Zero 2 or is it just single-threaded? If not then perhaps the difference in performance is more limited?


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